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Trading this stuff

Send trade offer, comment before you add me!
1:1. Add me or send me a trade offer but if you are going to add me, please comment here first as I dont accept random adds.

PS - 13th PUBG trade on Outpost =)
pubg outpost like what?!?
5th ever post on PUBG Outpost!
Send me a trade offer:

First PUBG Outpost Glitch: https://img...Ie1vpB
Same Glitch but in reverse: https://img...Bt4CJa
This item for 3 gamescom crates
pants for gamescom crate
idk i got things so just send me offers
Kinda wanna start some pubg trading
This is what I have
Twitch Prime stuff will rise in price, no doubt. Just lookin for offers right now, not tradable yet.

Also 15th pubg post
Getting real in the PUBG trading game.

Offer me for any of my items!
Send a Trade Offer or Comment down below!

Have a gud day.
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l have a 6 cs go key
The Mandarin Jacket BLACK version is no longer obtainable without trading and the coat is lowering in price so who knows, maybe you'll make some money :D.
Trade with me here:
trading this PUBG set for other PUBG skins - items, according to steam market prices actual and median

send a trade offer here
or add me for fast trade
Selling this Black Mandarin Jacket, not looking for anything in particular so trade and hit me up.