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It's with profound sadness that we must announce that our network of Outpost sites will be shut down in the coming weeks.

Ultimately the cost necessary to operate this site has far exceeded any revenue generated forcing us to take this action. We'll be leaving the site open through the end of September so please wrap up your affairs/trades, etc., as this functionality will no longer be possible once we close down the site. All accounts and associated data will be permanently removed once the site is shut down.

If you're a Premium user, who has purchased Premium within the past 30 days (on or after August 10, 2018) you may contact us via our Support Portal to request a refund, regardless of duration. If you purchased Premium before this time, no refund will be provided; however, your Premium benefits will still work on some of our other network sites, like and, until the subscription expires. If your Premium subscription is set up for automatic renewal via PayPal, please end automatic renewal in your PayPal settings, or if you signed up via direct credit/debit card payment, contact us via our Support Portal to have this recurring transaction disabled.

If you have any further questions, concerns or inquiries, please create a ticket in our Support Portal.

We're sorry for everyone inconvenienced by this closure but we wish you all the best; thank you for the years of support!


Several parties have contacted us with interest in purchasing Outpost. To ensure we're exploring all options, please reach out via our Support Portal by end of day Wednesday, September 19, if you're interested.
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