We created TF2 Outpost back in 2011 to help both new and experienced traders find good deals with a streamlined user experience. Since then we have continued to develop our features and design with the core principle of making trading easy, including launching numerous sister websites such as Dota Outpost and CS:GO Outpost. Thanks to all of you guys and gals for sticking with us over the years, and a big thanks to the team at TF2B for their custom item icons as well as the core backpack functionality — without them this site would not be able to function! Also a big thanks to Backpack.tf for supplying some of the unusual effect images. A final thanks to our past admins and moderators for dedicating their time towards helping out the site, as well as Miz from TF2R for creating and hosting our now-retired donation bots.

The staff listed below should not be contacted directly, but instead you should file reports against trades, posts and users directly via the site. If you attempt to add these users on Steam you will most likely be ignored.